Randy Feltface

Randy Feltface

Dolans Warehouse - Limerick, V94 PD79, Ireland


The firstbanana appeared on earth10,000 years ago. Randy FelBacebelieveshumanityhasbeen in adownward spiralever since.Theonly logicalsoluIonis abrandnewhour ofcomedy fromafelt-facedcomedian with an axe to grind.

As seen on NeBlix and NBC, Randy FelBace has spent the past19years winning awards andgarnering criIcal praise while amassing a huge & devoted following across the globe. Randyhas wriOen and performed a dozen solo stand-up comedy shows, released sevencomedyspecials,played tosold outcrowdsaround the worldand been nominated for Best Comedyat the Edinburgh Fringe FesIval. He made his US television debut on NBC’s Bring The Funnyand his comedy specials have become pirated YouTube sensaIons.

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