Anamoe Drive

Anamoe Drive

KASBAH Social Club - Limerick, V94 KX51, Ireland

Anamoe Drive is the solo moniker of songwriter & multi-instrumentalists Oisín Leahy Furlong.

Fresh off the heels of the first track “Goodbye & Goodluck” garnering attention for it’s distinct brand of lo-fi indie meets alt folk, Anamoe Drive has just announced the debut album "Breakfast in Bed” due March 2024 on Faction Records (James Vincent McMorrow, Sorcha Richardson). This news also comes with the announcement of the second single “Out Like a Light” dropping on Nov 23rd, and a string of Irish dates that go on sale Nov 24th.

Scheduled for release on Thursday 23rd November, "Out Like A Light" takes listeners on a synth laden journey of perpetual motion, told ironically through a series of still vignettes. Each verse ‘wakes up’ in a new place, the narrator lamenting and reflecting on the decisions that led them there. Dreamlike synths wash over a childlike melody, while a repetitive rhythm section pulls together a mood that sits somewhere between Nirvana Unplugged, My Bloody Valentine, and Real Estate.

As the narrative of "Out Like A Light" progresses, it transitions from reality to dream, building up to a crescendo of pure fantasy. The final distorted coda (which contains elements of the original iPhone demo) strips the song down to its bare bones, revealing the lo-fi folk song at its centre.

Where “Goodbye & Goodluck” established Anamoe Drive as a project that blurs the lines between genre, “Out Like a Light” doubles down on this idea - all the while committing to an uncanny pop sensibility.

Anamoe Drive's musical evolution, guided by producer Rian Trench (known for his work with Saint Sister, J. Colleran, Gnod), showcases experimentation and spontaneous first takes peppered over a bedrock of airtight pop songwriting and arrangements as indebted to Daniel Johnston as they are to The Beatles. The result is a sonic tapestry that captures a confidence and authenticity that is offset by lyrical themes of vulnerability and heartbreak.

The “Breakfast in Bed” LP due March 8th is a breakup album told in 3 parts. The non-linear narrative flits between the throes of heartbreak to the bliss of new love, from the depths of loneliness, to the slow dissipating of these feelings in the rearview mirror.

The album’s title reflects different meanings depending on which song you view it through - from a kind gesture, to a lonely act, to the masticating of these themes in solitude. It also doubles as the place where most of these songs were written - perched on a bed, the morning after the night before, recapping these events in song.

With influences ranging from Big Thief to Thom Yorke, Phoebe Bridgers to Mount Eerie, or Sparklehorse to Bright Eyes, Anamoe Drive brings a fresh perspective to indie folk, and is a testament to the artist's ability to craft emotionally charged, introspective songs that leave a lasting impact.

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KASBAH Social Club - Limerick, V94 KX51, Ireland