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Thin as Lizzy

Dolans Warehouse - Limerick, V94 PD79, Ireland

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Thin Az Lizzy started as a result of an absolute passion by Johnny Conlan – stage name ‘Johnny D Fox’ - for the music of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy.  When Johnny was 15, he was learning the piano, piano accordion and guitar.  He passed eight grades in his classical training on the piano.  It was 1985 when he first heard the music of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy.  In Johnny’s words “it was like an explosion of music in my head”. 

Phil Lynott became his role model.  Therefore he decided to teach himself the bass guitar.  He didn’t own a bass guitar, but he did have an old acoustic guitar.  Then on 4th January 1986, Phil died at 36 years of age.  Johnny was devastated as he was just getting in to him.  He bought all the Thin Lizzy records and taught himself the words and bass guitar by ear to every song within one year.


Limerick, V94 PD79, Ireland